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Long-lasting custom-made trawls

Nordsøtrawl A/S is part of the international Hampidjan Group. The company is a specialist in its field, and recognised around the world for its long-lasting trawls. All trawls are specially designed for the given vessel’s type of fishing, size, fishing area and depth. It is a real science today to make an ultra-efficient fishing net, designed in 3D.

We offer this

Nordsøtrawl A/S supplies all types of trawls – pelagic helix trawls, double trawls, fly-shooting and semi pelagic trawls. All trawls are designed to satisfy general requirements in relation to efficiency, user-friendliness and top quality. The company can also supply nets, twine, rope, cord and steel wire.

We use state-of-the-art technology and draw on our many years of expertise in the field.

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Fantastic service

Nordøtrawl A/S guarantees good service around the clock and first-class workmanship. This makes Nordsøtrawl a leading company in the sector.

Nordsøtrawl has their own in-house production, and can repair trawls at the Port of Thyboron’s trawl stretching facility, or take them back to the production hall if necessary.

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Nordsøtrawl A/S exports trawls to the whole world. They custom design each trawl to suit the fishing vessel, fishing technique, propulsion engine, fishing area and much more.
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