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Gardit A/S

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Gardit A/S

Provides surface treatment and corrosion protection – onshore and offshore – in difficult environments

Gardit A/S has over 100 years of experience surface treating steel and concrete structures.

Certified to perform surface treatment offshore

Gardit A/S is ISO-certified to perform surface treatment of offshore wind farms – both wind turbines and foundations.


Surface treatment of monopiles, TPs and jackets

Surface treatment of monopiles, TPs and jackets for offshore wind farms is in good hands with Gardit A/S. Over the past 10 years, the company has done repair and maintenance on more than 500 offshore wind turbines and foundations.


Bottom painting of vessels in dock

Gardit performs all types of surface treatment on vessels at Thyboron in the largest floating dock on the west coast (up to 9,000 T capacity).

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Painting industrial tank systems

It is an advantage to assemble large industrial tank systems directly at quayside project facilities for convenient shipping.

Gardit A/S has the equipment to work directly on the project quay facilities at the Port of Thyboron for easy transport by sea.

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Gardit A/S is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001-certified, just like the Port of Thyboron.
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