TSR Electronic A/S

TSR ELECTRONIC develops and services a broad-based circle of clients with maritime electronics, PC network and onshore communication systems.

TSR ELECTRONIC markets, installs and services all types of maritime electronics, including navigation, communication and fish-finding equipment. We also supply electronic communication and network solutions for onshore applications, an area which continues to grow.

At TSR ELECTRONIC, we operate with short chains of command, making it easy for us to take and change decisions, and quickly map a new course if necessary.

Our staff receive regular training so they are always prepared to introduce you to and service the latest products. Training is a natural part of working here. We are an authorised distributor of maritime electronics products from the world's largest manufacturers.

Several of our employees have been with the company for many years and have plenty of experience and expertise in our sector.

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TSR Electronic A/S
+45 9690 0900
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