11 / 11 / 2019 Project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

Positive customer experience with heavy-lift quay facilities in Thyboron.Inau...

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26 / 09 / 2019 Increased entrance water depth in 2020!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port ...

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Thyborøn Sejlmageri ApS

- sailmaker

Thyborøn Sejlmageri has more than 50 years of sailmaking experience. Our expertise is the culmination of several generations' dedication to their craft. We choose to excel in the art of making sails. We are so proud of our craft that we feel it is our cultural heritage. As a result, our sails are excellent products. We create unmatched customer satisfaction – and solutions which can withstand daily use. It is in our blood. The harsh local climate makes Thyborøn the kind of place where everything has to be built to last. We never fail to create products that can withstand rough weather. 

We specialise in making sails for yachts, schooners and "Limfjordssjægte" (traditional Limfjord skiffs). Many of the vessels we make sails for are worthy of preservation and require extremely high standards of craftsmanship. We hand-sew holes and bolt ropes in homage to sailmaking traditions. Hand-sewn features add an exclusive touch to the sail.

Drop in for a chat with the sailmaker and tour the workshop. We really do not mind if you drop by, even if you are a holidaymaker inquisitive to learn a little about our glorious craft. The traditional seafarers are not the only ones to have discovered us. Weekend, family and and holiday-making yachtsmen buy and have their sails repaired here at the heart of the Danish North Sea coast. We also do customised work for industrial and private customers. Thyborøn Sejlmageri’s skills are available to private citizens, clubs and industrial clients – in fact to anyone who values excellent craftsmanship and creative solutions.

T +45 9783 1125  .  E sejlmager@sejlmager.dk  .  W sejlmager.dk

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Thyborøn Sejlmageri
+45 9783 1125
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