11 / 11 / 2019 Project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

Positive customer experience with heavy-lift quay facilities in Thyboron.Inau...

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08 / 11 / 2019 DKK 22 million invested in quayside facilities for new builds and transit fishing

Harbour basin utilisation rates are of considerable importance to a port. Ens...

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26 / 09 / 2019 Increased entrance water depth in 2020!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port ...

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Raw Materials

The Port of Thyborøn is located close to the Jutland Reef. The reef is only a few nautical miles from the coast. The port is therefore ideally located for dredging gravel to make concrete. The dredging vessels only have to sail a short distance to the reef, which makes for optimal operating conditions. The raw gravel is sorted on land and loaded either onto lorries and transported directly to concrete factories or onto freighters and shipped to customers in Denmark and abroad.

In 2007, we designated an area at the south end of the port to the gravel operators to provide optimal conditions for dusty and sometimes noisy operations as the area is close to Limfjordskaj but farthest removed from the town.

If you have questions or wish to lease part of the gravel extraction zone, please contact the Port Administration Office.

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    0.42 m
  • Current wind speed17:38
    3.7 m/s
  • Wind gust17:38
    4.6 m/s
  • Current wind direction17:38
    NE 39°