8. November 2019

DKK 22 million invested in quayside facilities for new builds and transit fishing

Harbour basin utilisation rates are of considerable importance to a port. Ensuring stable activity levels in all port basins is essential, and this is only possible if the infrastructure is carefully tailored to the needs of customers. In Thyboron, we engage in close dialogue with the port’s customers to ensure that we are able to cater for any new needs and requirements that may be emerging. That’s how the Western Inner Harbour renovation project came about.

The need for new facilities has increased in step with the increase in numbers of new builds
As mentioned in the March edition of this year’s Thyboron Port News, the maritime service sector in Thyboron has seen very positive development in recent years. The number of new builds is increasing, and the water depth in the docks where they are being built has simply not kept pace with the increasing sizes of fishing vessels.

Thyboron’s two main shipbuilding companies, with more than 100 employees each and more than 50 years of experience, are located on their own quays, right on the quayside. Of course, they are keen to keep the same quayside location, and companies with more than 100 employees and substantial warehousing and production facilities cannot just relocate to a different and deeper harbour basin. Something had to be done to develop the old harbour basin to support the needs of the maritime service sector for greater water depth.

Increased water depth and renovation of quays
After a number of studies, a good solution has been found for increasing the water depth in the old harbour basin, and construction is already well under way. The water depth will be increased from 4 m to 6 m, and the renovation of 402 m of quays is already well under way.

The quays will be renovated in stages to ensure that the construction of new builds can continue throughout the project period, and to avoid disrupting the operations of the maritime service companies.

More space for transit fishing
As part of our strategy, the Port of Thyboron is keen that any new construction and renovation projects should benefit more than one target group, and this has also been the case with the current renovation project. By removing the old ice pier, which had become redundant, and increasing the water depth throughout the harbour basin, we are freeing up new quays for transit fishing vessels in the Port of Thyboron. This year, we have seen an increase in the number of Dutch fishing vessels choosing to land their transit fish in Thyboron, which is why a capacity increase is needed here too. We are extremely pleased that it has been possible to incorporate this into the same renovation project.

Renovation of 402 m of quays
Looking ahead, 235 m of renovated quays right next to the shipbuilding companies in the maritime service sector area will make a huge difference to the construction of fishing vessels in Thyboron. The increased water depth will make it possible to build larger vessels and keep pace with developments, while the companies’ quayside location will increase efficiency.
An added 167 m of quays with easy access for lorries will allow 4-5 more transit fishermen to land fish at the same time. This, in turn, will free up more quayside space for the handling of fish for human consumption destined for the fish auction, since there is now more room for transit fishermen elsewhere in the port. Many are benefiting from this ripple effect.
Simplified ice deliveries
Over time, the demand for ice from the ice plant has changed. Many vessels fishing for fish for human consumption now have their own onboard ice making facilities, and more are following this trend. The project will enable Thyboron’s ice plant to simplify its supply of ice by no longer having to maintain two tube ice plants. Going forward, tube ice will be supplied from the ice plant on the quay for industrial fish, and flake ice on the quay where fish for human consumption are landed, which is more in line with current needs. And, of course, the increased water depth also means increased flexibility for the ice plant and the supply of ice.

Supplies of water and electricity etc.
To optimise and rationalise use of the new quay facilities as much as possible, all three quays around the harbour basin will be fitted with power supply points and water standpipes.

Water supply is becoming increasingly important as more fishing vessels produce their own ice onboard, and easy quayside access to supplies of consumables improves efficiency for fishermen while in port.
The quay will be equipped with two large 225-amp power supply points, one at each corner of the quay, for the larger fishing vessels, and three 63-amp power supply points along the rest of the quays.

The Western Inner Harbour will be equipped with Sea-Safe safety ladders with LED lights to ensure visibility in the dark and in bad weather. In the past two years, we have been testing the Sea-Safe safety ladders elsewhere in the port, with good results. These have now been chosen as standard safety ladders for all new and newly renovated harbour basins in the Port of Thyboron.
Excellent cooperation
Our cooperation with the users of the harbour basin has been very positive and constructive. The shipbuilding companies, the ice plant and rescue station proactively support the project, despite the disruption to their everyday operations caused by the construction work. The best results are achieved when all stakeholders are involved and support the project – so their support is much appreciated.

DKK 22 million invested in project
The Port of Thyboron is investing DKK 22 million in the Western Inner Harbour renovation project, and we are delighted that this investment will benefit many different stakeholders, including fishermen, the ice plant and the maritime service sector, and that the project will generally increase flexibility while also ensuring continued activity in this harbour basin.

Construction is expected to be completed in March 2020.