22 / 12 / 2020 Thyborøn Port climbs to new heights with no fewer than three ISO certifications

In recent months, Thyborøn Port has worked hard to improve its quality, healt...

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03 / 11 / 2020 Permission granted to dredge channel!

It’s big news – very big news! For the past ten years, the Port of Thyboron has...

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01 / 09 / 2020 DKK 75 million investment in new discharging facilities now complete in Thyboron

Today, industrial fishermen can benefit from the new and state-of-the-art disch...

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Kroghs A/S

- high quality products for the concrete and asphalt industry

KROGHS A/S was founded in 1935. Since then, the company has produced high-quality products for the concrete and asphalt industry. We mix our own cement-based dry concretes and dry mortars, the basis ingredient of which is our own aggregate from the Jutland Reef.

At KROGHS A/S, we have many years of experience and expertise within extraction, processing, sorting and marketing of stone, gravel and sand.

KROGHS A/S processes aggregate dredged from the Jutland Reef in the North Sea at its plant on the Port of Thyborøn. The address is Sydhavnsvej 10. To extract aggregate at sea, we have our own dredger, "Lady of Chichester".

KROGHS A/S' mission is to give our clients reliable deliveries. We aim to supply a consistent flow of resources and uniform, high-quality products, and to offer our customers the opportunity to choose us as their full-service provider of raw materials in a wide range of quantities and qualities.

KROGHS A/S continues to develop its products. We are innovative and seek to maintain lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

KROGHS A/S has about 40 employees. Our staff are loyal. A low staff turnover level means that we can guarantee continuity of service, professional advice and high-quality products.

T +45 2428 1381  .  E kroghs@kroghs-as.dk  .  W kroghs-as.dk

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Kroghs A/S

Mob: +45 2428 1381
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