11 / 11 / 2019 Project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

Positive customer experience with heavy-lift quay facilities in Thyboron.Inau...

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26 / 09 / 2019 Increased entrance water depth in 2020!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port ...

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HE Marine A/S

HE Marine A/S creates value

HE Marine A/S has a strong position as a total supplier of electrical and electronics installations for the maritime industry. We are one of the leading companies and preferred partners in the market in newbuilding and rebuilding as well as repair and maintenance of all types of ships, from fishing boats to ferries.

Everything HE Marine does must create value for our customers - today, tomorrow and in the future. We advise you on the most economical, appropriate and energy-optimal solutions for service, rebuilding and new buildings, and we work with both before and during the process to ensure that you get the optimal solution.

+45 9796 1888  .  E salg@he-as.dk  .  W he-as.dk

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HE Marine A/S
+45 9796 1888
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