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03 / 11 / 2020 Permission granted to dredge channel!

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01 / 09 / 2020 DKK 75 million investment in new discharging facilities now complete in Thyboron

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Harald Iversen & Søn

- production and trade in fish

Harald Iversen & Søn is a company with a history that spans more than 60 years. We are based in Thyborøn, on the west coast of Jutland.The company produces and trades in fresh fish purchased at Danish fish auctions and from Danish suppliers.Our placement in the exact location where the fish arrives and where the fishermen live means that we have first-hand knowledge of fish, catch methods, fish processing, fishermen, and everything else concerning fish.

This knowledge and the more than 60 years of experience we have in the industry means that we know what good quality is.We attach particular importance to this as we live in accordance with the motto:“We can discuss the price, but quality is not subject to discussion.”If the fish cannot meet the requirements we place on quality, we do not trade in it.Harald Iversen & Søn has two sales divisions.The first one sells processed goods.Production takes place in our own factory.The other division trades in whole fish and partially processed goods.

We are most certainly not the largest company in the industry.We are probably not the smartest and most competent one, either.However, we can offer loyal cooperation, hard work, experience, and honesty.

If this meets the requirements you place on your supplier, you are very welcome to get in touch with us.

We process and pack fresh fish from our own factory

At Harald Iversen & Søn's modern production in Thyborøn we can offer whole fish or partially processed fish. We pack the filets in 3 or 5 kg polyester boxes with ice.

We sell a lot of fish as whole fish or partially processed fish. Whole fish can include all forms of fresh fish that is sold to other producers in Denmark or the rest of Europe. Customers take care of the final processing of the fish themselves.

If the volumes in question are large, the fish is shipped in returnable packaging. Smaller volumes are shipped in polyester boxes.

We buy fresh fish directly on the harbour or from fish halls

We produce fillet at our own factory exclusively from fresh and healthy raw materials.Production uses Baader machines operated by experience personnel who have been with for many years.Our production is naturally subject to strict hygiene, self-control, and traceability requirements.

Factory sales

In recent times we have also started selling to private directly from the factory. We have two fish cars driving around most of Jutland and deliver fish to customers. You can order directly from Iversenfish.dk and choose one of the towns we come to, and then collect the goods in the car that day.

We also open on weekdays at the office in Thyborøn. You are welcome to drop in if you want to buy some fish.

T + 45 9783 1300  .  E info@iversenfish.dk  .  W iversenfish.dk

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Harald Iversen & Søn

Mob: + 45 9783 1300
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