North Sea Offshore Service Group

North Sea Offshore Service Group is your single point of access to a range of shipping, offshore, onshore, repair and service companies on the Port of Thyborøn and in the local area.

We aim to showcase the Port of Thyborøn as a port that provides excellent shipping and port services for coastal and offshore wind farm projects in the North Sea and to market service group companies' services in connection with other maritime work in Denmark and abroad. We strive to make the Port of Thyborøn a versatile and profitable point of contact for shipping, repair and service companies.

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  • Water level Harbour18:28
    -0.02 m
  • Current wind speed18:28
    5.4 m/s
  • Wind gust18:28
    5.8 m/s
  • Current wind direction18:28
    E 95°