26. September 2019

Increased entrance water depth in 2021!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port entrance – and thus Thyboron Channel – can be boiled down to three: water depth, water depth and water depth. For more than 10 years, the Port of Thyboron has worked hard to increase the water depth in the entrance to the port to 10 metres, and the basic conditions for this are now in place.

So far, dredging of Thyboron Channel has been a State responsibility, but, in 2017, the Port of Thyboron succeeded in obtaining an official announcement from the politicians that the Port of Thyboron will take over responsibility for the dredging of the entrance to the port as from 2019.

Taking over the dredging responsibility comes with an annual pool of DKK 4 million, which the Danish State allocated for the dredging while the responsibility for this still rested with the State. It was very important for the finances of the port that these funds were included in the transfer of the dredging responsibility. The Port of Thyboron has finally succeeded in this, and the process has now come so far that the appropriation of the funds was included in the latest Finance Act.

Hugely important for the port
The transfer of the dredging responsibility was a very important step towards increasing the water depth in Thyboron Channel and thus in the port entrance. This means that the port can now itself choose to invest in an actual deepening of the entrance. It was therefore a highly important decision, which will be of great significance to the future operation and expansion of the Port of Thyboron.

The vessels have become larger in all the port’s customer segments. The increased water depth is quite simply a necessity for vessels in the fisheries, offshore and cargo segments.

And, with the dredging responsibility and the DKK 4 million a year, we will, as a port, be able to organise and carry out the dredging work at the most optimal time for the users of the port.

Water depth of 10 metres in 2021
To avoid wasting unnecessary time, the Port of Thyboron already initiated an environmental impact assessment (EIA) in spring 2019 aimed at obtaining permission from the authorities for a deepening of the navigation route in Thyboron Channel, into the entrance to the fishing port facilities and right down to the project quay facilities in Sydhavnen, the southern part of the port. It is expected to take about a year before this EIA has been approved. We will then initiate the work to increase the water depth as quickly as possible. This means that, already next year (in 2021), we expect to increase the water depth in the entrance to the Port of Thyboron.

More water will benefit many port customers
A water depth of 10 metres will benefit industrial fishermen in Denmark, Norway, Sweden as well as on the Faroe Islands and perhaps also Scottish and Irish industrial fishermen who currently do not want to risk sailing into Thyboron with their catches because of insufficient water depth. And it will support the fishmeal factory TripleNine A/S that all industrial fishermen will be able safely to choose to sail to Thyboron with their catches.

The increased water depth will also make it considerably easier for the bunker industry to choose oil tankers for deliveries in the Port of Thyboron. Especially tankers have become large and have a deep draft.

And it will also make a difference to the offshore vessels used for installation of offshore wind farms. Due to the costly equipment mounted underneath the hull of the vessel, for example for seabed surveys, it is vital for this type of vessels to have a water depth with an extra large safety margin to avoid any damage to the costly precision tools when entering a port.

The vessels have quite simply become larger in all the sectors that use the port. We are therefore very pleased to have the water depth of 10 metres in the entrance to the Port of Thyboron that our customers need, instead of the water depth of 8 metres which the Danish State has guaranteed until now.

It is a huge pleasure and a great joy to be able to inform our customers that the water depth will be increased to 10 metres in the entrance to the Port of Thyboron in 2021!